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  September 2016

  Sonia Mocnik, Vancouver - September 24, 2016  
 The start of the journey home What an amazing adventure it has been to enjoy cruising on the Queen Victora and provide... 
  Becky McMahon, Sorrento - September 23, 2016  
 Art in the Park - a work in progress Greetings, it's been a while since I last posted anything.  What a Summer!!! I... 
  Anh Thuy, Burnaby - September 9, 2016  
 Patience.. The power of serenity No reason to be stress : the power of serenity. Patience also gives us calmness of... 
  Ian Semple, Vancouver - September 5, 2016  
  AN ERECTION YEAR One of the “joys” of the two main North American democracies is that... 
  LANNI SULJE, Port Moody - September 1, 2016  
 Europe in Eight by Ten Europe in Eight by Ten:  I’ve always had a love of little paintings. They are... 

  August 2016

  Cindy Mawle, Bowser - August 29, 2016  
 Pure Creative Energy Fuel Its interesting lately how my process has changed.  I am hauling paintings out of my... 

  July 2016

  Carla Weaver, Surrey - July 29, 2016  
 Yesterday History Was Made The nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President this week is... 
  Carla Smale, Victoria - July 25, 2016  
 Take a Seat for Habitat I was asked to paint an old wooden chair as part of a fund-raiser for Take a Seat for Habitat. I... 
  Lydia Podobnik, Port Moody - July 22, 2016  
 Can a year really have gone by???? Looking at the archives of my blogs I realized it has been almost exactly a year... 
  Allyson MacBean, Vancouver - July 15, 2016  
 Here is the promised story - In the Shadows Each artist could submit three images for jurying in the Federation of... 
  Ms. Timmy Timms, Langley - July 1, 2016  
 Intertextuality 2 Carl A. Rubino (cont'd) "...readers and writers alike bring to texts they confront and produce... 

  June 2016

  Denise Dupre, Coquitlam - June 28, 2016  
 July show at Roam the artists July An invitation to anyone interested in attending 'Meet the Artists' at... 
  The Vancouver Sketch Club, Vancouver - June 10, 2016  
 Summer Sketching calendar We have just updated our website and will shortly be updating our facebook page to reflect the... 

  May 2016

  Peter Kiidumae, Nanoose Bay - May 19, 2016  
 THE MOTHER OF ALL "ISMS" The art of painting covers a broad range of styles and movements known by designations such as... 

  March 2016

  Jacelyn Leo, Coquitlam - March 25, 2016  
 Picture ... 
  Ken Manninen, Gabriola - March 6, 2016  
 Jean Haines workshop Just on my way home from a 2 day workshop in Vancouver with British artist, Jean Haines hosted by... 

  February 2016

  JUDITH MADSEN, Gabriola Island - February 20, 2016  
 Sunset on False Creek Walking the Seawall led to a fabulous Reflection on Water painting.  Group of... 
  Eileen Williamson, Nanaimo - February 7, 2016  
 Time I find absolute pleasure when I can abandon all concept of time, to be free of the monotonous, digital parade of... 

  January 2016

  madelyn hamilton, West Kelowna - January 16, 2016  
 January Grey Clouds and Snow The 'Tendrils' painting is in reference to a vigorous Snap Sugar Pea seed I planted late... 

  October 2015

  Eileen Harder, Coquitlam - October 21, 2015  
  Please follow me on twitter,... 
  Art Focus Artists' Association, Port Coquitlam - October 21, 2015  
 Instructions for shows Details below are for our members to use in preparation for our upcoming show. Oct 24, and 25... 
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Peggy Acomba

Acrylic & mixed media artist who uses bright, bold, colour in semi-abstract paintings. Loves painting birds and animals.

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