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Arlene Connolly
Port Moody Art Association
Premium Site

Mary Ann Fleming
Art 10 Gallery
Riverview Exhibition

Heather Volpe
Art Focus Artists' Association
The Hobbit Tree

Roxsane K. Tiernan
Burnaby Artists Guild
The Enchanted Gate

Ryungsoon Kim
Coquitlam Art Club
Nightfall Mares

Charlene Cammer
Fraser Valley Watermedia Society
2016 Gardens and Gates

Group of Several
49 Shades of Green

Roxsane K. Tiernan

Art Marketer
Stolen Fine Art
High Tide On The Inlet

Myda Schmidt
Suite E Life Drawing Society
Waterfront Station east

Zenobia Turnbull
The Vancouver Sketch Club
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Iím a big fan and I chat it up to everyone as being easy to use. I tell everyone they should join if only to use it to mail to all their family and acquaintances.
Great value is why I refer other artists to MyArtClub.Com.
Pierre Gélineau
What ease of implementation!! Anyone who feels inadequate in promoting themselves on the internet need not stress any longer. MyArtClub has created such a complete and comprehensive art promotion tool for artists, with such ease to utilize. Straightforward, with new potential as they grow into the future. I would highly recommend to any fellow artists interested in establishing a higher profile via the internet. Thanks for all your work Cam and Peter.
Denise Dupre
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