Willy Nelson Ray Charles; Seven Spanish Angels
Willy Nelson Ray Charles; Seven Spanish Angels
180 by 210 cm.
Oil on Canvas

Copyright © 1998 John Magyari    Zoom Image

Year Created:1998
Artist's Comments: The popular country singer and the famous blind singer together perform the Seven Spanish Angels song which inspired me to paint an illustration to this theme. Nelson appears in this picture also as the protagonist or the main actor in the story whereas the angels throw out the drunkard from the bar. Charles with his ever present grin on his face is with the angels. Regarding the angels, they are participants in the bar in costumes of the 1930 and 40's. I tried to paint beautiful faces for the angels, regrettably that did not happen with all of them. The composition has an unusual arrangement. The flow of the people form a U shape. For the large size of the canvas this picture commands a large wall. I intended this work to be a CD cover for a compilation of the songs, but Nelson showed no interest.
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