Gulf  War 1991
Gulf War 1991
130 by 170 cm.
Oil on Canvas

Copyright © 1991 John Magyari    Zoom Image

Year Created:1991
Description:Often times, people can not do anything on the world stage. At least, artists can express their frustration or pleasure, one way or another. This image is such outburst. Realist portraits of past and present presidents, the English sovereign, and Mother Theresa.
Artist's Comments: An allegory to the war. General Normann Schwarzkopf was knighted for his heroism. Meantime he chokes a little Iraqi girl. The suffering mother and Mother Theresa' hand avails no help. One side is the White House; the other side has burning oil fields. Washington crosses swords with the sovereign. On the right hand side, contemporary presidents explain the war. The old presidents show the Declaration of Independence.
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