Mural - Mackin Park - Coquitlam
Mural - Mackin Park - Coquitlam
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8 by 30 ft.
Acrylic on Concrete Block

Copyright © 2005 Jane Appleby    Zoom Image

Year Created:2005
Description:Two wall Mural on the exterior of the Mackin Park Coquitlam Football Club House. West Wall designed and painted by Jane Appleby and Randy Green. South Wall retouched by Jane Appleby, Jarry Pochyly, and Randy Green as well as some volunteers - a real community effort.
Artist's Comments: This job took approximtely 200 hours from July - Sept. 2005.
It was fun to have the local people at the park comment on the murals evolution and we even included some of their dogs in the picture.

Doing a community project is always rewarding and I hope that the art that we added to the walls at Mackin Park makes a visit to the park that much more enjoyable.

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