Checkerboard Roll-top Desks
Checkerboard Roll-top Desks
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30 by 22 by 16 in.

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Subject:Functional Art
Year Created:1999
Description:Seven checker-board desks 3@ 30", 2@ 22", and 2@ 14" Made from British Columbia Yellow Cedar and Tennessee Aromatic Cedar, finger-jointed together in both directions, glued with Waterproof glue. These desks are constructed with housed dovetails. Eliminating the need for nails, screws, or even glue, allowing them to last for centuries. The drawers due to the half-blind dovetail construction are glued, and also feature a secret compartment.
Artist's Comments: Time to construct seven desks, 1400 hours or 8.6 hours per lineal inch. The tambours (roll-tops) are comprised of, over 1800 pieces of wood along with more than 3,500 rivets, these rivets were installed via four to six raps each with my hammer, equaling in excess of 16,000 taps, not that I was counting as, "I have better things to do". In the research I have had done to date, these are the only checkerboard roll-tops available on the planet.
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