Acme Razor Strip
Acme Razor Strip
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48 by 6 by 6 in.

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Year Created:2001
Description:This piece was inspired by my tenants, who would walk around the house shaving with their electric razors. I used to think, " Hey, I'm trying to read , listen to music or watch T.V." can't you do that in your room, and I would put up with the aggravation. Some of my tenants wouldn't shave on a daily basis and the razor would bog down then speed up again depending on the growth encountered. I likened the noise to buzzing insects and hence; "The Acme Razor Strip" was conceived. I steamed a piece of B.C. Yellow cedar in my steam box and clamping the rear end twisted the front end one sixteenth of a turn every so often clamping it in a cog. Then removed the piece and gave the same treatment to the other end. I then placed an eight foot long piece of B.C. Red Cedar through my steaming box and every so often opened the steamer to coil the strip around an five inch tube allowing more of the strip to enter the rear my steam box, until the whole piece was wrapped around my bending form. I will admit that, the gluing and clamping presented quite a challenge. Next step was to locate some dead electric razors. I had one that my room mate had given me after I had, while in an intoxicated state shaved his cactus ruining the protective foil or whatever. He mentioned something about it pinching his skin and left it behind when he moved out. Then from my neighbors I was able to collect enough razors including one, on it's last legs so to speak that takes batteries and buzzes erratically. This resonates through the whole strip turning it into a speaker .....very annoying...very quickly.
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