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    ALDA SAUNDERS received a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Art History some years ago, at which time she pursued her childhood interest in painting as well. Her other major interest was in weaving, and she was commissioned to do several wall hangings for public spaces and had numerous exhibitions of her work in the United States. She also worked as an Associate Professor of Art History and Textiles for twelve years and subsequently owned and managed a commercial modern art gallery.

   Alda moved to Cedar-By-The-Sea in BC, Canada, in 1993 and has since been able to rekindle her love of painting, particularly in watercolours and oil pastels and now acrylics. Her work reflects the beauty of our local area as well as themes from her travels.

    She is a member of the Nanaimo Art Group, the Nanaimo Arts Council, Ladysmith Arts Council, and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She has participated in several Vancouver Island painting exhibitions in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

ALDA SAUNDERS has also created a jewelry line. Trained as a silversmith in Arizona, Alda designs and hand fabricates sterling silver items, each one of a kind. She also uses gemstones, beads and various fittings to create specialty jewellery items. Her newest work includes her hand made, lampworked glass beads. "It is like painting with hot glass!", she says.

Alda Lampworking

November 19-23, 2014, Alda Saunders will be showing jewellery with Jane Bryonoy-Shaw during the Cedar-Yellowpoint Artisans' Christmas Tour.  The location is Lohman Gallery, 2095 DeCourcy Drive, Yellowpoint, BC.  Hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and admission is free.  Do not miss this chance to see new work by these two artists in time for Christmas.



Recently Alda Saunders showed jewellery at the Cedar and Yellowpoint Artisans' Christmas Tour. Her work included sterling silver handforged pieces and some which included lampwork glass beads made by the artist.

Alda Donating a Painting to Chip Lenton for a Hospice charity event.

Alda donated the painting "Groovin' On Route 66" to the Montana's Old Car Show and Fundraiser for Nanaimo's Hospice Society which was held on Sunday, July 14, 2013. She also donated a watercolour still life to the auction for the fundraiser of the committee for no genitcally modified foods.

Alda had one piece in the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery Summer Showcase.

One of the paintings from the "ARTRAGE" show which is called "Framed Painting" is currently on view in the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery show called "How Bizarre!"

"ARTRAGE: AN ESOTERIC ART SHOW" was the title of Alda's exhibition at Art 10 Gallery through May, 2013. This show questions some of the "rules" of painting exhibiting.

Does a painting have to be vetted by some organization or body before being shown? Who makes the rules? Must it be framed? Must it be painted with a brush? Must it have meaning or does it necessarily have to be understood by viewers? What does 'art' have to do with it?

These are some of the questions brought out in this unusual display.

The Nanaimo Heritage Committee in conjunction with the Nanaimo Arts Council held its 15th annual Heritage Paint-Out and Shoot-Out on September 15, 2012. Alda received an Honorble Mention for her painting of the BC Tel building on Bastion Street.

THE CHRONICLE newspaper in Ladysmith, B.C., Canada, showed paintings of Alda's in their offices through September, 2012.

Alda also had an entry in the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery's show entitled "Popular Culture;" it is a series of paintings of fruit on complementary backgrounds.

Alda also had an entry in the same gallery's show called "Heroic Materials" during August, 2012.

The Ladysmith, BC, Hospital Waiting Room Gallery featured paintings by ALDA SAUNDERS in May and June, 2012.

She also exhibited one painting with the "West Coast Traditionl" exhibition at the Ladysmith Arts Council Gallery through July, 2012

One of Alda's paintings about Arizona was included at the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery in North Town Centre duriing May, 2012. This painting is called "Groovin' On Route 66." She also had a painting about the Superstition Mountains in the previous June show.

"Strait View", an oil pastel and gouache on paper, is now on view at the Port Place Theater gallery through October.


"Arizona Studies" was the title of a solo exhibition that ALDA SAUNDERS had at Art 10 Gallery from September 1 -30, 20ll. This show featured her thoughts on the mixture of cultures and ages in Arizona, as well as some of its outstanding secenery. Desk calendars and art cards which feature these paintings are available now.

Alda participated in the Ladysmith Arts Council Waterfront Gallery Multi Media Show during October, 2011.

She was also shown in the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery Fall Showcase entitled 'Energy' with a painting about wind generators being inspired by the surrounding cacti forms.

ALDA is presenting a painting about the Goergia Strait at the Port Place Theater for the next few months. This is an oilpastel and gouache drawing of one of the many beaches along the Strait.

As one of the 46 particpants at the TOSH Grand Prix d'Art, Alda painted the fountain at Qualicum Beach City Hall 'en plein aire.' Then the paintings were exhibited for two weeks in August, 2011, at The Old Schoolhouse Gallery.

At the "Heroic Materials" exhibition at Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery, Alda had three paintings on the theme of wood in consruction; this show went from July 8 to 31, 2011.

In Spring, 2011, Alda showed one painting in the Nanaimo Arts Councl Showcase.


In October, 2010, Alda had three paintings in the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery Autumn Showcase entitled "Islands."

Alda participated in the Ladysmith Arts On The Avenue on August 29, 2010. She also had four paintings in the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Council Gallery on the theme of "Fall Follies."

Alda had one painting in the Federation of Canadian Artsts' Summer Showcase which opened at the Vancouver Island University Art Gallery on July 23, 2010.

Alda also had three paintings at the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery Summer Showcase with the theme of 'Humanity.' One of these, "Don't Forget To Feed The Birds," a watercolour, won third prize in the painting division.

Island savings Insurance Services in the Cedar, BC, mall is currently show paintings by Alda.


"BARNS AND OTHER BUILDINGS" was the title for Alda's October 2009 exhibition at Art 10 Gallery in Nanaimo. Paintings in watercolour on paper, acrylic on canvas and drawings were shown.

A long standing interest in architecture prompted Alda to paint barns, farmhouses, cabins, boat houses, docks and various other structures.

In June, 2009, ALDA SAUNDERS had two paintings included in the Silent Auction held in cooperation by Art 10 Gallery and Nanaimo and Area Land Trust. The purpose was to raise funds to purchase additional land for parkland on Mt. Benson, Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, BC.

Island Savings Insurance Services in Cedar is showing several of Alda's paintings on local themes from July, 2010.


Alda's painting "Beach Creature II", a watercolour, received Honorable Mention at the Nanaimo Arts Council juried Spring Showcase in 2008. Her work has also be seen at the Ladysmith Waterfront art Gallery in Ladysmith, BC, and at the Tamagawa University campus in Cedar, BC, and at the Designers' Silent Art Auction at the Nanaimo Art Gallery downtown.


In October Alda had one painting entitled "Lavendar Fields of Banon, Provence" included in the Federation of Canadian Artists's Nanaimo Chapter show entitled Autumn Lights III at the downtown Nanaimo Art Gallery.

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