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Jim Zinger Picture 525 Witty Beach Rd
British Columbia, Canada
Phone Number: (250) 478-8716 or 259 478 5766
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Website: http://www.MyArtClub.Com/Jim.Zinger

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 Originals by Victoria Artist Jim Zinger, have been shown in gallery,s and private exhibits acround the world. Versatile and visionary Jim creates from the heart. Accepting commision work on most any subject. Zinger also does freelance work in the commercial field.
Contact Information:
 jim,has begun a new and refreshing body of artworks, to be released for exhibit and viewing as we enter the new year 2009..Sa always jim is open to create your own personel, thoughts or of a kind original.. commercial projects also welcome.. thankyou.. please mail me at this site..,artist- zinger..

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