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John Magyari Picture Phone Number: 604 588-3961
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Website: http://www.MyArtClub.Com/John.Magyari

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 John Magyari was born in Hungary. He came to Canada and worked here until several industrial accidents forced him to quit his steelworker job. Since 1998 he studied fine art at Kwantlen University College and at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. Besides his family, he spends his time to work on a numerous styles of paintings. Visit another site where I have 600 paintings displayed. **** FRANCAIS **** John Magyari est nee en Hongrie. Il est venu au Canada et a trvaille ici jusqu'a plusieurs accidents industriels de travail l'a force a stopper son travail de travailler dans l'industrie siderurgique. Depuis 1998 il a etudie l'art fin d'universite Kwantlen et a l'universite Simon Fraser dans Burnaby. Pres de sa famille, il passe son temps travaillant a l'de nombreux modeles des peintures. Visitez Ici vous trouvez il y a 600 peintures par moi. *** ESPANOL **** Juan Magyari nacio en Hungria. El vino a Canada y trabajo aqui hasta varios accidentes de trabajo lo forzo parar su trabajo del trabador siderurgico. Desde 1998 el estudio arte fino en la universidad de Kwantlen y en la universidad de Simon Fraser en Burnaby. Al lado de su familia, el pase su tiempo que trabaja en estilos numerosos de pinturas. visitar Il vista 600 pinturas **** MAGYAR **** Magyari Janos Magyarorszagon szuletett. Kanadaba ment es ott dolgozott mint szerkezetlakatos es heggeszto amig kulonbozo ipari balesetek kenyszeritettek feladni a munkajat. 1998 ota foiskolan es egyetemen szepmuveszetet es nyelveket tanult. A csalad mellett, meg mikor ideje engedi kulonbozo stilusokban fest.Latogassa meg a ahol Janos 600 festmenyt mutat be.
Professional Organizations:
 Surrey Artist Association
 I have my paintings in private collections on three continents.
Instruction and Workshops:
 Starting in January, 2004 Mr. Magyari will teach one or two students. Inquire 604 588-3961. Applicant can learn the techniques of old and modern style of oil painting. My brother George has opened a picture framing business. If you interested to frame any of your paintings please call the above number. He helped me to frame nearly one hundred of my paintings. In summer time I often work as handyman to earn extra money for the art supply. Please call me if you have renovation or any small project to fix.
Contact Information:
 John Magyari 604 588 3961 cell 604 202 3535 e-mail

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