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In Private Collection
16 by 16 by 1.3 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
This sign used to be on Hastings Street at Helen's childrens clothing store, which was open from 1948-2007 and was run by Mrs. Helen Arnold (now 89 years old). The neon sign was installed in 1957. (A European meat and deli store is now in this spot). Bob's Hunting and Fishing remains. For many years I saw the little girl swinging back and forth on my way into town. The sign itself was taken down, refurbished, and put back up with the word "Heights" replacing "Helen's". The neon lights and swinging action are only shown at night now. May 6, 2010 there was a civic celebration of the official return of the sign and its re-illumination. 150 people attended the nostalgic event!