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In 2009 I attended my second painting workshop with Mike Svob in White Rock and had a great time. I also attended a five day color theory workshop with "The Color Institute" through Maiwa, and a fabric workshop called "Invented Fabric" in which I had a fun time doing various treatments to fabric surfaces. In April 2010 I attended a color workshop called "Colour on the Couch" at the Fibre in the Forest conference. This year, 2014, I attended a 3 day felting workshop and 4 lectures at the Maiwa symposium. I find many similarities in design and colour problems between painting and fabric art.

I took an oil painting workshop at PMAC on the portrait, trying to learn some of the basics, but still paint primarily in acrylics. I now find a lot of information on the internet and from publications, and enjoy working through problems at my own pace.