September 26,2008
Photography is more complicated then I thought

Ok...I bought a Canon Rebel xsi 450D and its magic lantern guide. is to my earlier comment of thinking about doing photography instead of oil painting. OMG...what was I thinking...I need the photography for dummies version!!! Are you kidding I am reading this book...I am thinking...why are there sooooo many steps to set one single shot...giggle... Oh...who am I kidding...I am so committed to learning how to handle this camera...I will reread this book until it sinks in... I have a friend who has the same camera...and she wants to go out to shoot the east downtown location (she says there are so many cool building shots there)...well...I am all up for taking shots of broken down buildings...but I will not be leaving my van... I am more of a nature girl... to see if I can find any cool leaves... If I'm lucky I will see the neighborhood coyote...she seems to like me... If this is my last will know I was wrong about my coyote friend...(worried little grin) cheers...

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September 24,2008

I have been working on a sunset but have found myself struggling with the transition of light. I have the red and yellow sky, the tinted clouds and the darker clouds leading up the the top of the painting... the separate elements look good on thier own...but I need to blend them to get that whole image... I have an idea of how to do applying light layers over a period of time to soften the separatness but I worry that in doing so it will take away from the beauty of what already exists. I know I need to take the risk and apply my idea...and get over my fear or I will never finish this piece... I think some of my fear of moving forward with my idea is becasue I want to give this painting to a friend. I normally don't think about giving a painting when I paint...I feel free to do anything...icluding messing up... but when I paint with a person in freaks me out... I now wish I didn't promise her this piece until it was completed...but my heart is set...and I need to learn how to paint with a person and her home in mind.

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September 17,2008

I am amazed at the work I see on this site... The talent in this province is crazy!!!

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September 15,2008
does anyone have white paint???

I just don't get it...I like the colors, blue and purple but I don't like using them as the back drops to my nudes... yet...I have done it again... I used blue and purple as my back drop to this latest piece... its sooooo 80's... Also...its so hard to re-do or alter the back drop when I use those two colors together... Come to think of the 80's...I use to wear a combination of blue and purple eye shadow... oh my god!!! Well...if I want to keep working on this piece...I better go and get a massive bottle of white paint...and start the cover up job...yawn!!!

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September 09,2008

Another painting I have been working on is that of a river. I realy enjoy painting the trees that hug the river bank...but I find it difficult to paint the water. I am thinking about exploring glazes to enhance the water...but I am not sure what to purchase. I really think I should take that painting class I have been just talking about. The instructor gives individual lessons at $60.00 per hour... I'm starting to think that a consultation will save me money instead of buying a bunch of unknown products that could ruin my painting. The amount of time it takes me to do an oil painting makes me think I should explore photography or acrylic...but then again...I would miss the way the painting process forces me to go deep down inside and light the darkest parts of my brain... when I reach that dark lost place...I close my eyes and look into the darkness... in doing so...a little light appears... ...I press down on the light until it gets bigger and the feeling...becomes an image... once the image is clearer...I lighten my grip...and allow the image to turn into an energy that flows through me... the whole process is so exciting...the feeling is like falling in love for the first time...or the second time... oh the third that is the best... ...I sure wish I had more time to touch this artistic process...but my career keeps me tied and bound in energy that is draining... I know I can balance my hobby with my career and my outdoor activities...but all to often when something has to is my hobby that gets pushed to the back of my room... I know I am not the only one who does this...

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September 07,2008
mind and hand disconnection....

I'm working on a new painting...this one is the side and back view of a woman. I see her in my minds eye...and yet when I try to paint her...the image in my mind changes to another woman... its quit frustrating... I went to the beach today to foucs my mind on the woman my mind's eye is presenting...who is very beautiful... I got home and began painting and my hand refussed to do what I wanted it I gave in and let the mind and hand disconnection to occur... funny thing is...the image on my canvas is looking like a woman I know... I had no idea I was going to paint her... in fact...I really don't want to paint her... but yet...once again...I surrender to what my hand wants to paint... like I have any other choice... I'm going to walk away from this painting while at work this week...and try take another stab at it next weekend...maybe by then...I will be able to get my hand to paint what my mind wants to paint... Does my hand have its own mind...or is this painting comming from a deeper place then the surface of my being... mmmm....think I will explore this...and write more later... cheers...

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