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September 07,2017
Boarding now - the Queen Elizabeth

I have been travelling for the past few days in order to get to Southampton England, where I will be boarding the QE for a 17 day cruise. In preparation, I have been enjoying reading books about the QE2 and finding little tidbits of information online about this Cunard's ships history.

Chris Frame is the QE2 historian and he is one of the special guests that will be aboard the ship.  His handle is ChrisCunard on instagram and I have been following his interesting anecdotes about the ships past.

Yesterday, I walked around the QE2 mile in Southampton.  When I first encountered the information on the local map, I was surprised.  It had not come up in the information online.  Turns out that Southampton has dedicated this area with lots of information and memories about the QE2 including a plaque under the anchor that rests in the pedestrian street also commemorating the last voyage of the ship out of Southampton.

i will be teaching the first two days at sea and I will try and incorporate some aspects of the past into our Watercolor sessions.  As well, I have little demos that will inspire my students to think about the first couple of stops we make - Cadiz and Messina.  We will paint a flamenco dancer, dabble with a bull fighter, see the textures on tones in lemons and celebrate the picture of the QE2 sailing out of the Southampton harbour with firework glow in the background.  Lots of fun and creativity to come!

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