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September 22,2017
Gibraltar port today

hineveryone, this has been the busiest cruise ever.  In the next two days , I will bring you up to date on all the activity we have had onboard and in port on the ship. 

My apoplogies for leaving you anxiously waiting to read my updates.  Today we have just docked in Gibraltar and there is an incredible cloud hanging over the rock at the moment.  The weather was foggy last night and so several times they had to sound the horns as we were making our way here after the last 3 saw days.

classes have been packed both mornings and afternoons. The guest on board are very avid watercolour enthusiasts and the creativity has been amazing!  Today we are in port for half a day and there will be a class at 2pm.  I have selected a flower to paint today and hope to do more of the local port sceneries that we encountered over the next two days of sea time before the cruise comes to a finish.

stay tuned!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 12:34


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