Strange Encounters
March 22,2007
How to Insult an Artist

Mr. Ravinder, Thank you for your interesting comment on one of my painting from the EMPIRE series subtitled India. To your remark that "India is not like your painting at all" I don't know what to say. Regrettably, I can not supply the phone number of the lady rendered on the painting. This is confidential information between the artist and the model. As I specified in my short artist comment this image is but a surrealistic journey to a history or artistic field. You noticed Sir that it is a small painting. I can not squeeze so many things to a small canvas as you suggested; beside , nobody ordered this work. If you wanted all those categories included in a painting you listed, you can commission any artist including myself to do the job. Of course the size of that canvas must be enormous. Nonetheless, most artist reserve the right to exclude images beyond good taste. For example the tiger mangeling a frightened family, the naked population bathing in the Ganges, and the copulating elephant theme that you so enthusiastically poited out to me in great detals are out. I was once in India. I saw the sculptures on the side of that temple, but you must understand that not every artist wants to make illustrations to the Kama Sutra. What is most curious in your letter Sir, when you refer to my mother standing on a street corner in Shaghai. My mother has never left our native European country, never mind a continent. Allow me to explain how the Taj Mahal and other edifices come so close together on my canvas; well, I don't have to. In a surrealistic image an artist can render any image in any way. Good taste forbids me to engage in a discussion as to what I may or may not "shove" in my orifice as you eagerly suggested. From the two of us I think you need more an urgent visit to your psichologist. I have no trouble at all. I am happily painting my life away. Maybe you are the one jumping up and down to the ceiling in despair. I listen to Mozart and Strauss on CBC most of the time. I am not biting my hands like the guy in the ink commercial; you see I am busy painting. Rest assure, I will not change the painting. Indeed, I am not familiar with Mr. Molotov. In fact I hardly drink. If you send me one of his coctails, I'm afraid I would have to discard it. Beside, My address is not public domain. Now then, you think about commissioning me to paint seven of your sisters and eleven brothers for $ 180, ten dollars a head as you succintly described. Should I feel honored, the answer is, No. Indeed you can have a photo taken under twenty dollars, but an oil painting is a different ball game alltogether. Please go to the photo studio. I realize that you can buy a painting at Zellers also under twenty. I am not sure that those works have ever been touched by human hands other than placing them on the shelves. But that is for you to figure out. If you want to possess a genuine oil painting from a local artist, you realise we have to include in our price the canvas, paint, frame, and the time. That is usually comes to a few hundred. I had no intention to smear your country in any shape or form. In fact I thought I pay homage to India. I am searching to express my feelings and inner ego on a road that would transcend me to a higher level of consciousness. Some people find that in religion, others turn to opera, ballett, or alcohol and drugs. My vehicle is the paint brush. You may think of me as a bismal failure, and you can insult me as much you want , but I won't change the painting at all. I would sell it to you, but I think you would have the painting commit a suicide. Empire  India

Posted by John Magyari at 06:50
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