January 19,2009

Some nights are the colour of deep ultramarine, others the sky becomes a darkened forest green or muted charcoal; but tonight the heavens are black. The moon, clear and white, sits like a half circle silver button on the dark velvet sky. A portrait of grace and elegance until a fine mist drifts across its face shrouding the light in a pearly gray. The clear lines softened with moisture. Graciousness replaced by an ethereal and mysterious glow. I've been dreaming lately in visions unrecognizable. The line between sleep and awake blurred. And I've been immersed a fierce battle with the third of three small painting I started over the holiday season. Is it me? Is it the loss of inspiration that can overtake me at this time of year? Or just a difficult and obstinate painting that has a mind if its own. An inner soul that won't be guided but is pushing me in a direction I had no intention of going. I want to give up on it but can't resolve the feeling that, now begun, I must see this creation through until it takes its place in reality and can stand beside other paintings. Will it be proud? Or lacking in some way due to the combat we have engaged in? Only time and perseverance will tell. For the sake of escape and reassurance that warmth and sunshine does exist somewhere on the planet I have booked a flight to Mexico next month, rented an apartment in a very small village nestled in a quiet pacific coast cove, and packed my carry-on with basic essentials…..pencil, paper, music and some light clothes. A recipe for renewal.

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 01:01
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