September 01,2016
Europe in Eight by Ten

Europe in Eight by Ten:

 I’ve always had a love of little paintings. They are intimate, quiet, unobtrusive; small gems that draw you in, captivate you, images that seem more a dream than a reality.  Like looking through a keyhole and being transported to another place. I love painting small. It’s immediate. Feelings and impressions are not lost in too much space. They complete quickly, sometimes on the spot, inspiration realized in a day or a few hours. And their size makes them fun, not serious or laboriously planned out. Each small image is its own adventure. A tiny window to a larger world.

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 10:20
Gillian said...
"Meandering in Mykonos" Love, Love, Love this one! Please post more of Greece if you have. Thanks for the lovely tour... Sep 02, 2016 10:58
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