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June 28,2016
July show at Roam the artists July

An invitation to anyone interested in attending 'Meet the Artists' at Roam Gallery, Sat. July 16th 6-10pm, 555 W. 12th Ave, Vancouver. City Square Shopping Centre.

Jennifer has called artists to submit work for the July show, called 'Canuck and I',inspired by the infamous Vancouver crow Canuck and his friend Shawn.

I reserched to discover some of the behaviors which crows may have; stuff unrelated to the more sinister side of crows which most people associate. I discovered that people who feed crows regularly may be gifted by the crow. The bird will bring small trinkets to this person as a way of gifting them. 

I found this rather delightful. I was used to tendencies of crows to be more like what I viewed as a child in the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds'. That movie was enough to freak anyone out.

I choose to submit an abstract piece titled 'Crow Gifting'. The colors and movement of the composition are playful, less menacing than people's impression of crows. I added found objects to the work, a ribbon with a silver medallion, a small gold key and an old cork filled pop bottle cap. These bits of found items represented the types of small items a crow may have brought to it's human friend.

It was a joy to create a painting from a themed reference point as opposed to how my abstract work mostly evolves, simply from within.

Crow Gifting

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