January 28,2017
Shannon Thiesen Demo

Hello and welcome the the 1st Fraser Valley Watermedia Society blog! I'll be posting about meetings, demos, workshops, news  and other art or FVWS related items.  

Last Thursday a good sized group of FVWS members met at MOWAT and were treated to a demonstration on "Pouring Acrylics" by local artist Shannon Thiesen.

Shannon works primarily in acrylics and oils.  She has won a number of live art shows across the country.  Shannon's exuberance and enthusiasm for the medium have even convinced me a die hard watercolorist to venture into the realm of acylics.  She covered materials, products, application and prices.  Giving us info on how to make your own fluid acrylics: (1:10 ratio of flow aid to water. 30% water solution to acrylic paint. Mix and store).   We watched as inks swirled and danced through the pouring medium in brilliant blendings of colour. Chopsticks, dollar store bottles, dish soap and alcohol became exciting artistic tools.  Members were invited to play and try their hand with the medium.  Even the simple demo canvases were worthy of being turned into finished pieces. 

Shannon is currently exhibiting at the Chilliwack Arts Council until February 13th.

If you are a non-member and you'd like to attend more demos like last week's or are interesting in becoming a member of the Fraser Valley Watermedia Society you can contact Pat Maertz at pmaertz@telus.net.

I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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