February 28,2017
Critique Night

Thursday March 23rd was critique night for the Fraser Valley WaterMedia Society.  A group of about 12 or so artists met to learn, share and be inspired.  We each set up a couple of paintings around the room.  The idea was to go around and observe each artists work and consider some of the points passed onto us from Lalita Hamill including composition, values, colour and emotional impact of the paintings.

It was interesting to me that everyone's work was so unique.  All the critiques were respectful and supportive of the other artists.  It's a great way to get feedback and a different viewpoint of one's work. Other artists are usually more objective and often pick up on something that you might have missed because you were too close to the work.  I would definitely recommend attending critiques as a way to move forward with your work.

 I had not been able to attend on the night Lalita gave her presentation and something that was of interest to me was that artists often bring finished pieces to critiques.  Lalita doesn't do critiques of a signed piece because she feels there's not really any point once the work is considered completed.  I have been guilty of doing just that and won't in the future.  It's also nice to see a work in progress, to learn the thought process that other artists go through and eventually at the show to see how the painting is finished.  My next blog will be on marketing which talks about the importance of process to selling work.  Till then happy painting!


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