April 28,2017
Expressive Portraits

Think vibrant colour, loose linework and evocative emotion!  Meshaal Alzeer introduced us to his expressive portraits.  He is a UFV student who gave us a demonstration of his work last week.  His process is fun and the results are contemporary bringing out the inner youth in most of us.  He began with a light drawing then put down clear water and laid down watercolour wet into wet.  He let it dry slightly and settle before doing a loose acrylic line drawing.  Next he introduced acylic paint and india ink. 

Meshaal was very receptive to our questions such as can you use this technique with other types of images?  Yes it's very effective for landscape.

Do you ever have images that don't turn out?  Yes, my room is full of images I don't like but I learn from everything I paint.

Do you have an idea first and say to yourself I'm going to paint a sad portrait? No, I generally choose colours spontaneously based on the mood I'm in for instance if I'm sad I would probably use blue or other cool colours.  I suppose I must have a basic idea of what I'm going to do though.

What kind of paper do you use and do you ever use canvas?     you can use any paper that's heavy enough.  You can use watercolour paper, or thick drawing paper. This is printmaking paper.  Yes, you can use canvas.                     

 Many thanks for Meshaal for taking the time to come out and do this demo for us.  I know I enjoyed his fresh take on portrait painting.  See him on Instagram @ Meshaal.alzeer

Don't forget our show coming up at the Clearbrook Library on Wednesday May 3rd and running through till Thursday May 14th.  The reception will be held on Thursday May 4th at 7pm.  


Mescal Alzeer paintings


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