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February 10,2016
February 16 Meeting and demo

This coming Tuesday, the Vancouver Sketch Club has a great demo by Alina Smolyansky, an artist specialist in egg Tempra. Alina was trained as an Icon painter in the class of renowned master architect and iconographer Vladimir Blagonadezhdin. Alina is one of few icon-painters and egg-tempera artists and instructors in Canada; her works are in private and institutional collections in Canada, the USA and overseas.

Egg tempera is an ancient, but little known medium that pre-dates the Renaissance. It is made from pure powdered pigments, (some created from ground-up semi-precious stones) mixed in an egg emulsion. It dries quickly and typically is applied in multiple thin layers, producing saturated vibrant colours, as the paint is not mixed physically, but optically. The effect is a luminous, almost 3D result.

During this evening, Alina will show the basics of working with egg tempera: preparing egg emulsion and mixing pigments into a painting medium, applying egg tempera in the puddle and brushstrokes techniques, as well as creating calligraphic lines. If time permits, she can show the application of gold leaf, a technique unique to icon painting and illuminated manus.

Location of this event is:

Tuesday February 16 at 6:30 pm at The Coach House, Hycroft,

1489 McRae, Vancouver

(Door opens at 6:15 pm)

Please note that Sketch Club members pay $5 per meeting.  Non-members pay $5 for the first meeting and $10/per meeting thereafter.  We hope repeat visitors will join the Club.  Annual dues are $60 for the year and payable at the September meeting.  You must be a paid-up member to participate in Club exhibitions and to display images on the club’s web site,

Upcoming Shows:

 Deer Lake Gallery:

We have a show at the Burnaby Arts Council’s Deer Lake Gallery August 13-September 3, 2016.  The Deer Lake Gallery is located 6584 Deer Lake Avenue in Burnaby.  All paintings must be submitted to the Gallery by August 10 for installation.   The accepted title of our show is “Between Land and Sky”. 

 An opening reception will be held on Sat. Aug. 13.


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