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October 10,2015
Upcoming Demonstration for the Sketch Club

October 19th, our show will go on display at the West End Community Center until Nov 7th.

We had a terrific first presentation on September 22nd with Artist Carol McQuaid.  She showed her fantastic travel journals, her plein air kit she uses when she's out and about and many more interesting tips that she has collected over the years.  Her website is

On October 20th, we have a terrific demonstration being completed by Mark Glavina of the Travellingbrush.  Join Phoenix Art Workshop founder Mark Glavina, as he shares experiences and philosophies of the Travellingbush. In his early 20’s Mark set off travelling with what he calls his Jr. Artist Kit and fell in love. “Me and my kit have travelled around the world and redefined the whole idea of the slow traveller” An avid photographer and painter, Mark views these artforms as separate entities: Sketching in a busy market place in Central America for a couple of hours or standing on a rooftop in Florence looking across the street at the Duomo, the painter has a different travel experience than the photographer. Quietly observing the location, the painter becomes part of his own scene, inventing, editing and re-composing, absorbing sounds, smells and often weather conditions. The photographer, like a thief … often stalking it’s prey like a hunter, seeking to capture one moment, a story, an emotion or a historical record. Both valid and rewarding travel experiences. Mark makes his case for the travellingbrush and the slow travel philosphy and how you can combine both disipines without jepordizing the integrity of these very separate experiences.

Demo: Developing your refrence material for your art making

Phoenix Art Workshop’s

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