Union Station, Portland Oregon  
William Hobbs
   Union Station, Portland Oregon
18 by 24 in.
Photographic Print on Paper
Copyright © 2001 William Hobbs    Zoom Image

Year Created:2001
Description:Union Station is to Portland, Oregon, what Big Bend is to London, England. It is the grande dame of train stations. This print hangs in many Portland institutions already. Hobbs studied the history of the station for several months at the Portland Historical Society and conferred with the Portland Development Commission to obtain details on the exterior paint color which has changed over time. The sky is cornflower and looks amazing. The conductor on the platform almost swings his arm when you turn and look at him. The original painting (NFS) has gravel from the original location which Hobbs painted on location in 2001.
Artist's Comments: This print is made on the finest acid free, archival paper by Weyber Printing in Brandon, Manitoba. The prints are limited edition of 250 and look magnificent framed. Each is signed by the artist. A giglee print may be ordered for $700 signed by the artist. He will even write a letter of authenticity if you prefer. Go to http:\\CanadaArtist.googlepages.com for information.