Teaming Wheat to Elevator  
William Hobbs
   Teaming Wheat to Elevator
16 by 20 in.
Gouache on Linen
Copyright © 2004 William Hobbs    Zoom Image

Year Created:2004
Description:This prairie scene shows the struggle of the prairie pioneer taking his harvest to the market on the first sunny day after in an inevitable early fall blizzard. The scene is whimsical because in the lonely cold prairie the towns are bustling with optimism. Turning the crop to cash and getting ready to join in a nice hot fowl supper after the wheat is gone east for processing.
Artist's Comments: I could feel the cold run down my spine as I painted this in the attic of my old house in Manitoba as I heard the wind seeping in through a crack. I decide to let the cold in so I could feel the suffering of the early settlers as they fought to survive the unforgiving, relentless prairie wind that never seems to end. For more information go to