Night Before the Battle  
Sid Campbell
   Night Before the Battle
24 by 20
Giclee Print on Canvas
Copyright © 2006 Sid Campbell    Zoom Image

Year Created:2006
Description:Oil on canvas painted and copyrighted in © 2006. Giclée Canvas (24" x 20") museum quality prints are created in Limited Edition (L/E) (S/N) signed, numbered and sealed (Serial numbered #-1-1500) unframed. This fine art print usually sells for $500.00 worldwide. To see artist Sid Campbell's complete online Gallery visit or learn more about Sid Campbell…Warrior Artist of Dragunshire at . To purchase contact Dragunshire @ for specifics and availability of this titled Limited Edition (L/E) Signed and Numbered Giclée museum quality print.
Artist's Comments: I painted this piece that depicts the famed Daimyo (warlord) Date Masamune preparing for a battle assembled with his many generals. This entailed much detailed work painting the armor and intricacies of the famed samurai warrior's weapons in ancient Japan.