Oil to the East  
Jennifer Mitton
   Oil to the East
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20 by 28
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright © 2007 Jennifer Mitton    Zoom Image

Year Created:2007
Description:South Eastern Nigerians wanted to separate from the rest of Nigeria when it turned out they were sitting on a lot of newly found oil in the 60's. Over the decades they have not become rich. In fact they no longer have their livelihoods, fishing, because the coastal waters are full of fish contaminated with oil waste and the villages have been hacked up and moved to accomodate oil rigs.
Artist's Comments: The men in the boat are going back to their coastal port. They have no fish; because oil has killed the fish. But they have rice imported from India, and milk imported from Canada, and coffee imported from the US. hThey had hoped so much for better times, but now they just want to find food and water.