Elyse Eliot-Los
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8 by 5 ft.
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Year Created:1995
Description:This installation consists of quilted, fabric panels of an average size of 8 feet high by 5 feet wide. Support poles and sculptures are made of paper mache.
Artist's Comments: "Labyrinth is a modern version of a ancient mazes & labyrinths. It has taken fifteen years to create, featuring a mixture of media - mostly fibre in the form of quilted fabric panels which have been dyed, silk-screened, embroidered and beaded. There are also paper mache and metal columns which form the actual supporting system. Viewers have to actively interact with this art piece by walking through its meandering, circuitous but purposeful path. By strolling through the fabric corridors you journey to the inner "Sanctum" symbolic of our intrinsic self, then back again into the day-to-day world with, perhaps, and expanded understanding. To travel though it just like a maze can be an adventure, just for fun.