Moonlight Express  
William Hobbs
   Moonlight Express
16 by 20 in.
Mixed Media on Linen
Copyright © 1999 William Hobbs    Zoom Image

Year Created:1999
Description:In the late 1890's, this train travelled over the lonely prairies. Its whistle and its bell the only sound with the clatter of the wheels. It had the mail and news, money, and a few passengers in the back. If the train arrived in winter on the night of the full moon the farmers gathered at the station waiting the arrival. The cow-catcher snow plow was essential to the trains on the prairies. The buffalo liked to sit on the tracks and block the train. It was impossible to keep the buffalo off the tracks, but they had been wiped out by the bounty the railroad companies had to use to run the trains.
Artist's Comments: The train brought life to the lonely prairie. I love the play of light on the snow, water and moon. The color change is minimal, but it's subtlety sweeps the eye across the snow and into the sky. The warmth and speed of the train make the painting great. For more information go to