Arslanagica Bridge  
Sanel Busuladzic
   Arslanagica Bridge
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40 by 44 in.
Oil on Canvas
Copyright © 2002 Sanel Busuladzic    Zoom Image

Year Created:2002
Description:A potrait of a bridge built in 16th century, during the Otoman Empire. Location of the bridge is in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Email For Inquiries AND MORE CLOSE UPS:
Artist's Comments: Arslanagica bridge was built in 1574 by Grand Vezir Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic and served as trading link with Novi (Herceg Novi, Montenegro) and Ragusa (Dubrovnik, Croatia). The bridge got its name only in the 17th from Arslan-aga a nobleman who fled Novi after it fell to the Venetians. He set up a toll collection center near the bridge. Email For Inquiries AND MORE CLOSE UPS: