A Fan of Trees - Ruby  
Vanessa Lowe
   A Fan of Trees - Ruby
16 by 20 by 1 in.
Mixed Media
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Year Created:2010
Description:Traditional closed fan encased in a classic plain frame - reminiscent of artifact in museum.
Artist's Comments: "A Fan of Trees" brings together two fascinations: Chinese orthography and the idea of fans. I can't read Chinese, so the script holds great mystique for me: text becomes image, black strokes against ground, graphically breath-taking, much like trees against the sky. The idea of fans has great mystique for me: I found a folding fan at the home of my grandmother. It was black, made of bamboo and paper, printed in silver gilt with Chinese characters. Along one of the ribs of the fan someone had written in neat letters "Ruby Yet". These mysterious words hold as much fascination for me as the idea of fans – I assumed they were the name of the person who owned the fan, but I had never heard of anybody with that name. Ruby Yet, what an ambiguous and inspiring combination of words…My fans are named for inspirations and fascinations. In the spirit of these ambiguous words, this one is titled Ruby.