World by the Tail
  • Bill Hatton
    Gabriola Island
  • World by the Tail
  • Sold
    15 by 11
    Watercolour on Paper
Copyright © 2006 Bill Hatton    Zoom Image



Year Created:

This particular painting was of myself on an outward bound hike with a group of youngsters. I felt that I had the world by the tail high on the ridge of the world. My wife owns this painting, it is the one she chose for me to paint for her.

Artist's Comments:
I am hooked on portraits. I saw a woman's face in the newspaper and thought how neat that would be to paint. Having never painted before, I saw this as a challenge. I couldn't stop painting people and began with family photos getting better and better. Now my family says "me Next!" - "Nope - I'm next". When you have your family's acceptance - it's pretty much a busy life for me filling up their walls.

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