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Coquitlam Farmers Market

Links to Artists with sites on MyArtClub.Com
Three Leaves

Heather Anderson
Faggy morning Blackcomb, Whistler

Dumitru Barliga
Billie Holiday

Gary Chorney
Triple Threat

Melanie Cossey

lucille cote
Autumn on the Harrison River

Colin Craig
Death Masks

Dave Danchuk
Don Quixote`s Dream

Denis Dowdall
Green Lawn Chair

Denise Dupre
Fall Fishing on The Margaree

Sheila Dwyer
<font color=#B22222 style=font-family:Tahoma><b>Victoria Above</b></font>

Pierre Gélineau

Irene Giesbrecht
Ripple Effect (1)

Jerry Gulbransen
Wreck of the Peter Iredale

John Hansen

Eileen Harder
Sandhill Crane 'Dressing Up'

LB Isackson
Misty Morn

Linda La Rochelle
Taking a break

Silvina Lanusse
Mt. Assiniboine

Sahar McCullough
Lovers beach

Belinda McNeice
Tropical Buddies

Terry Newell
jungle panther

Colinda Parker
Sunset with invisible snow cap

Jack Prasad
Eye Insight

Myda Schmidt
Autumn Burn

Nadine Sekora

Lori A. Shook
Joshua Tree 05

Belcarra cottage

Alison White
Lilies, Limes, Lemons

Frieda Zink

Links to Artists with Art on MyArtClub.Com
Riverview Exhibition

Val Bordian
The Fence

Sarka Dostal (Kump)

Carol Fitger
Riverviewn Exhibition

Edith Heckel
Riverview Exhibition

Christine Koenders
Riverview Exhibition

Pia Longstaffe
Le Manoir

Ginger Lovell
Riverview Exhibition

Doris Patko
By The Pond

Adrienne Peacock
Riverview Exhibition

Christine Pearce
<b>Another Sunny Day in Port Moody!</b>

Val Philbrook
Stone Trivet

Sarah Ronald
Beak Party

Lori A. Shook

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