Shaman King Portrait Mask
Shaman King Portrait Mask
36 by 24 by 12 in.

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Year Created:2009
Description:This mask was made from red cedar,yellow cedar, horse hair, feathers, cedar bark and is finished with an oil and wax combination.
Artist's Comments: The Shaman is a medicine man with powers that enable him to transport himself into the spirit world when he is in the process of healing a sick person or to retrieve a medicine spirit for his own use. The Shaman will go into a trance and dream of a small canoe and paddle to the spirit world. When he finds the well spirit, he sucks it into his body and then paddles back to the sick person. He then blows the well spirit into the sick person and sucks out the bad spirit, then taking the bad spirit, he paddles back to the spirit world and blows the bad spirit out.
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