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Artist's Statement:
 Ah, my memoirs. I've been drawing since I was very young. I still remember the sting of my first received criticism (a classmate in grade five "THAT doesn't LOOK like a REINDEER"). In grade nine math I got in plenty of trouble, for drawing ponies instead of listening to the lesson. Well, I didn't carry on in math, but I didn't carry on with the art either, so I rediscovered it as a young adult. I started with beginners art classes in the evenings - lots of them. I learned a lot, but it really is practice that makes for progress. Then about fourteen years ago, I started to paint. Somewhere in there I also fell in love with sculpting in clay, another thing I hope to do so much more of. At the moment I paint in oils, sometimes with pastels, and as I am an art store junkie I on rare occasions have experimented with inks that still wait for me to get back to them. I think of myself as largely self-taught, but that's probably a disservice to the many wonderful art teachers I have had to pleasure to have met. I have learned much by reading (well I suppose the learning came from looking at pictures, really), but most of all by doing. I love colours and line, shapes and the fall of the light. I should be better at it all, but I have the great misfortune to have a job, which cuts into my practice time!
 September 2 through October 2, 2010, with Theresa Kitos at the New Westminster Arts Council Gallery in Queens Park, New Westminster - opening reception September 12, 2010

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