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Heller Art Consulting Picture Phone Number: 416-876-4615
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 Welcome to Heller Art Consulting. I give you unbiased, practical advice on what art you should acquire and where you can find it based on your ownership goals. i.e. aesthetic, investment, self-expression, pleasure

I strive to help you sort through the complicated world of art and to ensure that every piece you acquire meets your value expectations.

My 15 years of experience in the art industry has given me an extensive knowledge of the field. I'm connected to all the participants.(artists, galleries, framers, auctioneers, publishers, appraisers)

I use my influence and knowledge in the art industry to ensure my clients get the best pricing on the works and services they desire.

Acquistion and Information Services:

-Personalized visit to home/office to assess your art needs(audit what you own already for insurance, estate, or curiosity purposes)

-Assist with sale of any currently owned artworks

-Advise on any art related matters(framing, care, hanging, etc.)

-Educate community organizations, businesses, and charitable groups

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