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Jan 27,2007
Internet Marketing Gold
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This blog entry is one of a series of tips provided by MyArtClub.Com to assist artists get the most from their Internet Marketing efforts. How is your artist's email list? Do you have one? If the answer is no, then you need to start one today. In this report we will discuss how to build, manage and use email lists to your best advantage, using email tools available on websites from MyArtClub.Com. How do you collect and build an email list? The first obvious source is from the people who contact you by email - add them to your email list. But where else? If you are showing your art at an exhibition, provide a column in your guest book for an email address. Put a sign behind the guest book inviting people to add their name and email address. Indicate that in return you will send them an email when you have new works available for them to see on your website. Segment your email list so you can send really effective targeted messages. Do this by create several email lists. For example, create one for your family and friends. Create one for your list of galleries you want to interest in your work. Create one for your customers and prospective customers. Create one for those who are interested in your blog entries. Create one for your press releases. Many members of your email list may reside in multiple lists, it is important to maintain and use the lists. How often should you send emailsto your email list? If you are generating new content on a regular basis (such as Robert Genn's biweekly letter from the Painter's Keys) then you can send out an email to your email list as often as you generate this new content. If you create new art and have moved it to your website, then you can create an email to inform your email list of your new content. Think about send one email announcing your several works of art rather than a separate email for each work of art that you add. If you are using a blog to create content on the internet, send an email to those who would be interested. When sending out your email, be sure to select the appropriate list to receive the message. A word on spam. You should be cautious about how often you send out an email to your list. If you send emails every day or every week, people may decide that you are generating too much traffic in their in-box. Email providers may decide that you are junk mail and your email may be consigned to the junk mail folder. The email you send out to people should offer an opt-out option. In other words, if they no longer wish to be part of your email list, they should have the option to unsubscribe from your list. MyArtClub.Com services auto-generate this opt out message, making you look very professional! Send the email to each person individually or send it to yourself and blind carbon copy (BCC) everyone else. Do this for two reasons. First, no one wants to feel that they are getting an email where they are 1 of 200 on a list. Getting an email where they are not in a huge list feels like it is more personal. Second, if you are sending your whole email list in the TO: or CC: line, then you are sharing your email list with everyone else on your list. You may find your list becomes someone else's list! You're giving away your gold! If you use MyArtClub.Com email tool to send your notes, this service automatically ensures that the Send To field contains only one name per email. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected] or click on the link to reply to this blog entry. read more ...

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Mar 24,2007
Increase your website 'Hits'
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There are lots of easy ways to increase your traffic and build your customer base. Your own traffic building efforts will guarantee a huge difference to your site visits. Here are 6 top ways: Add more artwork. Most artists with more hits have more art on line. If you have unused art space on your website, fill it up, and enjoy more traffic. If you are not sure what to do, especially newer artists please don't hesitate to email the [email protected] for assistance. You can add more art at any time, and even add more art spaces as needed. Keep your art work current. Active artists change some of their images and information at least every couple months. It does not take long to keep your content up to date and the payoff is great. Visitors will return often to your site for more when they find it is changing! Invite your fans to see your work on line This is one of the key ways to increase your traffic, especially to easily keep in touch with your customers. After you load or reload an art work, use our "Notify Fans" feature to send an email with your personal comments and a direct link to the art image just loaded. Got some news you want to share? Let your network know! Update your mailing list. Your customer and network list is gold for you. If you send out emails (the fastest and least cost way to keep in touch) you need to keep your email list current. Load up your email list to your website by logging in to your site then click on "Market your artist site", then click on "Maintain your mailing list information." You can load up your email addresses either one at a time or in bulk. Contact us if you need any help. Use your web address. Three ideas for showing your website address (shown on your webpage, i.e. www.MyArtClub.Com/Joe.Smith): 1) at the bottom of all correspondence and email, 2) on all pamphlets or business cards and 3) on any listing of you as an artist, or art group. List your web page with search engines and directories. Listing your website and art work can increase your traffic especially for new customers. MyArtClub.Com has links on line to several free search engines and directories sources. Click on our "Links" page which is found from the main MyArtClub.Com page, on the right hand column under "Resources". This article first appeared in the My Art News Letter #12 read more ...

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