Maximum loaded artworks
Maximum loaded artworks define how many images a website can show at one time. Images can be added or changed anytime, for free. For example, a standard artist site permits an artist to display up to 20 images at the same time. Think of these spaces like a spot on a gallery wall which can be changed or rearranged anytime.

Add more art works
The maximum loaded artworks can be increased at anytime, ordered in blocks of 10 image spaces. These can be ordered anytime directly from the website "Maintain Your Account" feature, or can be purchased at the time of first sign up.

Immediate traffic
MyArtClub.Com is already visited by over 1,000 visitors a day. Your art site will generate immediate visits by being listed on the MyArtClub.Com database. New paying artists are featured on the main home page also generating immediate traffic. Our help section includes valuable tips on what you can do to launch your site and build your traffic. Many of our artist have built up overtime to exceed 1,000 pages shown each month, with just a couple hours a month effort.

ECommerce Tools; PayPal; Catalog page; Shopping cart
MyArtClub.Com fully supports eCommerce on your artist site. Artist pages can support shopping online directly from their website. PayPal or other payment providers can be added to each art page with a selection of. Artists can enter more than one payment option for a particular piece i.e. if you have one price for the original item, a second price for giclee prints (as an example) and a third price if you sell them as cards or frig magnets (for example).You can distinguish between the payment options by labeling them and having a different title for each of the options.You can also enter information about each of the different payment options in a description area e.g. shipping costs, how to contact you, the size of the particular item for sale if it differs from the size of other works, etc.A catalogue page shows and highlights all the art available on line for saleMyArtClub.Com takes no commissions, customers and artists work out the details between themselves.

Web address
A web address is very important direct way for a visitor to find an artist's site. This brings visitors immediately to the artist or group home page (avoids searching from the MyArtClub.Com Home page). A "web address" is also called "URL" which stands for Uniform Resource Locator.Use your personal web address on all your promotion and correspondence. You can submit this web address to search engines, galleries etc to set up links from other sites to yours. MyArtClub.Com artists sites include an individualized web address, such as based on availability. Additional customized web addresses (also called "domain names") can be ordered, for $25 per year for group sites, You own and control this name. Your brand online. One domain address is included with an artist or premium site. Subject to availability.

Search engine listing
Automatic search engine listing: automatically all artist and group websites are listed in Google and other major search engines. This saves you submission effort and waiting time. Art listed in "Find Art" database on MyArtClub.Com lets you benefit from the thousands of visitors each week. Search tool lets guests choose by a wide range such as subject, price range, color etc ; Artist listed in "Find Artist" database lets you be listed by artist name, with representative images shown of all artists. "RSS feed of recently added art" automatically posts all updates to search engines pro-actively, so your art changes are updated there quickly. No waiting for their scheduled visits.

Targeted search engine meta data
In addition to what is on the visible webpage, often invisible related words call "meta data" are used by some search engines to further refine the searchable data. On the MyArtClub.Com site artists have a simple text entry box to add custom words that will appear hidden from view but be used to help raise their rankings on search engine listings of interest.

Email marketing tools; Store and grow email marketing list; Calendar entries, opening night featured
"Email marketing tools" This is an incredibly powerful way to keep in touch with your clientele. Imagine sending a monthly email, inviting your network of contacts to visit your site and see your latest works. This is all at no extra cost. The process to load an image and send a custom email can take as little as only 5 to 10 minutes. But impact is huge. Simply add an artwork and notify all your clientele of your upcoming art shows, your personal news, your latest art. The website creates an email template that protects others from seeing your mailing list and embeds links back to your artwork and your site. "Store and grow email marketing list" Visitors can sign up from any of your pages to your email list. MyArtClub.Com lets you collect your own email listings, which you can grow over time to a significant number of "fans". By carefully adding names yourself to your list, you can build a large list for email. "Calendar entries, opening night featured" MyArtClub.Com features on our main page all the "opening nights" happening soon. Links take the visitor to a calendar page where all the artists and groups with shows are listed, with customizable comments about each show. The link from the calendar page takes the visitor to the see the artists pages, so they can get a sneak preview, or get a feel for each artist "s show they are going to attend

Free do-it-yourself maintenance of your site
Our artists highly appreciate being free to make changes themselves. You can change any item you put on your web pages for free at anytime as often as you like. Updates are all immediately visible on your site. This helps you be sure to have put together exactly how you want your site to look. You have 100% control of content.Some artists fear the "do-it-yourself" part. Our goal is to help you be able to do this yourself. Not only will you be amazed how easy it is , you will be proud of your results. The internet is such an important tool for artists now this is something you must do. Why not do it here with a proven system" A typical artist can be up and running in minutes. Absolute beginners are thrilled inside a week. Money back guarantee means there is no risk to you whatsoever.

Web page templates
Standard site offers customization of the layout for artist sites. Select 1) number of columns for small images; 2) separate or common page for artist information and art selection; 3) studios to group artworks by type; 4) tool bar on top or bottom; 5) one page full screen template or centred narrower pages. Premium site offers include above standard site features, plus other varieties of layout.

Display art page
"Full screen image art pages" are always and automatically available by clicking on the small thumbnail sized images. On the large art pages you can add pricing info, or show as sold, or ask visitors to inquire. Artists are provided an opportunity with each image to add custom comments, perhaps might link to a gallery or art show where it can be seen. You are not limited in length so you can really connect with your audience with stories about the art work.Customize art pages - choose background colour, font, and frames: Each artwork large page can be highlighted with background color from a wide selection. Font for lettering can vary in size and in selection of type. A computerized "frame" border of various sizes and colour can be added to enhance the look of the page.

Marketing tools
"Monthly activity summary" provides a monthly view of your hits, marketing emails sent, art images loaded, calendar listings added. This reminder is emailed to you each month. Artists benefit knowing how they are doing and how long it has been since art has been added "Eligible for Recently Added Art" refers to art shown on the "Recently Added" art sections in MyArtClub.Com main pages. The postings are a random selection of art posted each day. "Art page count statistics" are a count of the number of full pages shown of each individual artist or group. This count indicates the amount of traffic to your particular site.

Anti-copy tools
Automatic artist copyright declaration; Each artwork is protected by the addition of copyright symbol and copyright statement formatted in accordance with legal requirementsAutomatic anti-copy masking of art is a state of the art feature making MyArtClub.Com a leading site in the industry. If someone tries to copy directly from the image, they get nothing. No security protection is fool proof, but in effect this new security feature makes it a very manual and tedious job to download images from any MyArtClub.Com website. In other words artist"s images can no longer be scooped up by any automated programs. The feature is automatically activated, so no special effort by the artist is required. In addition all the image files on MyArtClub.Com sites are kept small so that in printing them, they do not appear of good quality at all. Instead they will look "pixelated" or "jaggy". Artwork looks nice on computer screens because screens are only 72 dots per inch. It tales much larger files to print quality copies that require typically 300 to 1200 dots per inch.

Studio pages
Studio pages present art grouped together with an introduction by the artist. There is no charge for using the "studios" feature. Artists often do various styles of work, or are engaged in diverse efforts. To help present these works it is useful to group them in separate pages. These groupings of art are linked together in what we have called "Studios"All studios created by the artist are presented in brief at the top of the main artist home page. Artists can write an introduction to each studio, to help describe that particular studio.

Visitors send to your anonymous email
This is a guest comment tool built into artist site. Artists have this way of being contacted without the need to post email and getting a lot of unwanted emails as a result. Guests are free to send you a comment, with or without providing a return address..

Artist Page; Biography, Contact, Shows, Exhibits, etc; Easy tool to add links;
Artists Page features all the information about the artist. Separate category sections can be added to highlight Biography, Contact, Shows, Exhibits, etc;Easy tool to add links is available for artists to simply put in a website address and presto a link is added to their site. Links appear in a link section. We also encourage and show you how links can also be added anywhere text is created using a special HTML format, which once tried is found to be very easy to use. Group Page features category sections of interest to art groups such as Meetings, Executive, Committees, Shows, Calls for Artist etc,

Artist Picture and Logo/Signature
Artists may load an image of themselves. Often it may be a portrait photo, perhaps in their studio, or perhaps a self portrait. The image can be really any image the artist desires. Logos are optional and create an image at the top of the artist page. Typically the artist has a stylized signature or perhaps a sign used in their studio"s business that can personalize and brand your site. This is simply another image that the artist loads on their site.Group Logos can be added in similar fashion

Artist Blog
Artist blogs are an on-line diary of your chosen content, usually your art work, career and related events. This is a new and popular development on the internet, now permitting chronologically ordered presentation for your works and your entries.

Eligible for Featured Artist; Artist promotional intro text
Eligible for Featured Artist is optional for each artwork and specified as eligible by the artist. MyArtClub.Com home page and each group home page shows a featured artist is selected randomly each day from the eligible featured artwork Artist promotional intro text is A brief (300 character) promotional summary of the artist used on the Featured Artist and New Member display functions

Customization tools; Customize artist page appearance;
Customization tools - choose background colour, font, and frames: Each artist page can be highlighted with background color from a wide selection. Font for lettering can vary in size and in selection of type. A background pattern of various textures and styles can be added to enhance the look of the page.

Custom email addresses
Your email address can be customized to use your domain name. Premium sites include creating customized and professional looking email addresses.

Site downloading (word documents, PDFs, images)
Site downloading (word documents, PDFs, images). Documents can be added to the website. Artist and groups may have promotional brochures or application forms for example. Once loaded up, visitors can download directly from the website, anytime they like. These forms can be set up close to related text.

Member Services
"Subscription to MyArtClub.Com newsletter" provides artists and art groups the latest in news on added features, new services, tips and tricks, events, interviews, and articles all about how to make the most of the internet are featured.Past newsletters are all online, and available. "Full access to online help files" make it simple to get going and to find the answers you need. Includes full FAQ, flash on how to size images and presentations to show you how to build and market your work using the MyArtClub.Com site. "Support by email" is available on usually a less than 24 hour turnaround basis. Everyday we help artist with their questions, and no matter how minor, we love to do it. Artists suggestions have led to many improvements to the site based which helps all our artists to benefit. Please let us know what you need!

Music; Flash intro; Artist audio comments
Music can play when a visitor is looking at your works. Flash introduction permits moving images and custom graphics to welcome each visitor to your artist site. Artist recorded voice comments can be added to let you talk to your visitors.